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Layer Five Group

Layer Five Group provides the following professional services:

  • Photographic and Video Production: We can capture your image or presentation in studio or on location for many purposes. We use advanced tapeless equipment, both high definition and standard definition, for the very best and most efficient imaging results.
  • Video Post Production: In our state-of-the-art all digital suite we edit either your material or ours until it is perfectly honed into a premium marketing and sales tool or product which exceeds your expectation. We can add titles, credits, and other graphics and motion graphics, mix and sweeten audio, provide just the right kind of music, and we can even design 3D motion graphics if required.
  • Publication: We offer complete CD, DVD, Bluray disk, audio book, book, and e-book publication services including media duplication, cover art design and printing, ghost writing, copy editing, graphics, and layout. Need some help with a new or existing web site? We have the expertise to make any web site a successful tool for achieving your marketing requirements. We can even build you a self-service web site where you can easily update content and keep it fresh without any knowledge of HTML or other web technologies. Whether you are publishing online, using physical media, or both we can make it happen!
  • Distribution Services: Do you hate invoicing, packing and shipping? We provide complete fulfillment services so you never have to take orders, bill, pack or ship any of the products you develop with us. All you do is sit back and watch the money come in! There is no need to pay for, store, and manage a large inventory. We create and ship your content on demand saving you a lot of time, money, and effort.
  • Training: Do you want to learn the secrets of our outstanding production or post production techniques? We offer one on one, personalized instruction if you want to learn how to tackle even the most difficult production and post-production projects on your own.
  • Video Editing Systems: Ready to start editing your own videos but your laptop just isn't cutting it? Starting to get into high definition video and you need more horsepower? Let our experts build you a state of the art audio and video editing system with everything you'll need to get the job done right. Mac or PC, 1 terrabyte or 1000, we will build a system that works for you and install it. If you need training we can provide that too!